Christmas 2016

Dear friend,

Tonight i have no idea about what i’m going to do next year. I just have you, as my friend that cannot leave me alone even though you can. I’m very feeling better, i can told anything. Because i just need someone that  listens and understands and doesn’t try to turn with other even if could have.

I try to think of my day today. I listen this song often, and re-write after that.

Title : Tee Shirt

In the morning when u wake up, i like to believe you(?) are thinking of me. And when the sun comes through your window, i like to believe you have been dreaming of me.

Dreaming ?

I know , cause i spend half this morning, thinking about the tee shirt you sleep in.

I should know, cause i spend all the whole day, listening to your message i am keeping and never deleting.

When i saw you, everyone knew, i liked that you had on my eyes. But no one else heard, the weight of your words, or felt effect that they have on my mind.

Falling ?

(by Birdy)

Perhaps, you thought i am in it. No, i was just listening to, not imaging to my real life. This song i heard first on film. That film was crush me eventually. Do you know the film that related with this song ?

Most of people, that i asked to, they just say, “that is a sad movie” or ” uhh, do you really watch this cancer movie, oh no thanks a lot” they said. Hmm, but i have different viewpoint about it, i thought it was amazing. When human was falling in love, and trying to be faith with their relationship when it has been facing the problems. Finally i bought that book after i had watched, LOL .

2nd Song

Title : I know

Cold house, white light. yellow lamps on blackened skies, duffel(?) hoods (maybe kind of hoodie) and deep brown eyes. I sing you a song that i think you will like.

And we will walk to places we always go, a million faces i don’t know. I say the words you always hope. Set our heart on racing eventhough.

I know what u told me, i know that it’s all over, and i know i can’t keep calling, every time i run.

on the way u stand , on the way u sway (kind of something is swinging XD), the way your hair curls in the rain, the little lines that write your face, or the winter nights you come and stay, or the way u hit me when  u wanna fight, the way i learn, the way i cry, the way our love rolls with the tides, but we know we make up every time.

3rd song

Because this song, i always want to be the one that always love others as much as i can.

Title : Here I Am

This is a crazy world, these can be lonely times, it is hard to know who is on your side, most of the time.

Who can you really trust, who do you really know, is there anybody out there who can make you feel less alone, sometimes you just can’t make it on your own.

If you need a place where you can run, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I will always be your friend.

When you need some shelter from the rain, when you need a healer for your pain, I will be there time and time again. When you need someone to love you. Here I am.

If you have broken dreams, just lay them all on me. I’ll be the one who understands, so take my hand. If you reach emptyness, you know l’ll do my best to fill you up with all the love that i can show someone, i promise you’ll never wall alone.

I should probably go to bed now, it’s very late. The reason i wrote this because i am not really sure to start the day , i am afraid of going.

Merry Christmas .

Love Always.



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