4 promising startup ideas from MIT Demo Day

i think so …


As someone who usually covers software and cloud, I really perk up when wannabe startups pitch actual, physical products. Something you can see, touch, hold, even wear. Bearing that in mind, here are the pitches from Saturday’s MIT Global Founders’ Skills Accelerator Demo Day that grabbed me. Keep in mind these were very short pitches with not a ton of details provided, so I’ll be following up with some of these people to fill in the gaps.

In the meantime, here’s a little appetizer.

Small propulsion systems for small satellites.

Accion Systems, the brainchild of three MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Ph.Ds, is building new, downsized propulsion systems that would enable the launch of small satellites. “The limiting factor on satellites is the propulsion system,” said Natalya Brikner, one of the founding team members, told attendees.

Today’s propulsion systems are “too big, too expensive and too dangerous” for use in small satellites which…

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