How Sweet Kidney Bean Ice and Siguntang Hill

It’s time to share to all of you …

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Last afternoon, at 5 PM,  i got some an idea to eat tekwan. I don’t know, why i though like that. Actually, the place that i know to eat it is far from my dorm.

Here i don’t want to tell you about pempek or tekwan. When i was there, i ordered tekwan, and sure with a drinks. what is it ? That is kidney bean ice. Most of people know that one surely. That drinks can make you fly to the heaven ( if it is good 🙂 ). it is so sweet, it has a nice taste and i don’t know the component of it exactly. But i will try to tell you that i know.

The Ingredients of Kidney Bean Ice ( Just the component, without their measurement okay, sorry )

Of course Kidney Bean, Water, Milk (Full Cream), Sugar ( Liquid), and Shaved Ice ( that’s thing is not in English well, sorry). Done.

Finally, i want to tell you about the place in my home town that has a good landscape ( I think, it is the best 😀 ). What is it ?

Yups, It is siguntang hill. Siguntang hill is the highest point in the center of Palembang city, beside it has a good natural place, it is has a historic and mystic story (ho, so scary )

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In Palembang most of people said that place is a cemetery of the kings, queen,  prince , and also princess. The famous person that be buried there is Princess Kembang Dadar. In legend, she is a good person that down from the heaven, and has spectacular beauty then others.

May be, i think that’s enough about my stories. See you next time in another story . . .


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