Motomishima Jinja – Uguisudani

how can i go there now … :0 ….hahaha , maybe next time, or next life ?

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Earlier this month I visited the tiny Motomishima Jinja, a shrine hidden in the middle of Uguisudani’s maze-like streets around the south exit of JR Uguisudani Station. Despite being a stop on the famous Yamanote line the station is amazingly tiny and easily overlooked. I arrived early for the annual festival of the shrine so I had a bit of time to explore the shrine itself.

The shrine is most famous for being dedicated to one of the seven gods of fortune, the originally Taoist deity Jurojin whose symbol is a fan, a deer and a scroll. It also enshrines the god Oyamatsumi (大山祇命), the older brother of the legendary goddess Amaterasu. He is a god of war, mountains and seas. The shrine is also dedicated to Izanagi (伊佐那岐命), on of the two original gods that created the Japanese islands according to the Japanese creation mythology.

The shrine is a…

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